Colposcopy and LEEP


A colposcopy is a procedure done in the office to evaluate an abnormal pap smear and check for underlying precancerous cells. A speculum is inserted into the vagina and the cervix is looked at under a microscope to check for abnormal areas. A vinegar solution is put on to the cervix and in the vagina to help the provider identify any areas of concern. If the tissues look abnormal, a small biopsy will be taken and sent to the lab for further review.


  • If desired, you may take an Advil or Aleve about 1 hour prior to the appointment
  • Let your provider know if you are experiencing any vaginal discharge or signs of infection
  • Feel free to bring music to listen to during the procedure
  • You should not need anyone to drive you home unless you have a low tolerance for pain


  • Mild to moderate bleeding is normal, but should not be heavier than one pad change per hour
  • A thick discharge that looks like coffee grounds is normal from the solution applied to cervix at the end
  • Mild to moderate cramping, similar to menstrual cramps for about 24-48 hours is normal
  • No intercourse or tampon use for about 7 days is advised after colposcopy
  • Expect a phone call or email regarding your results in less than 14 days
  • If moderate or severe precancerous cells are identified, you will be contacted regarding a¬†LEEP¬†procedure

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