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NP or MD When I Need An OB/GYN?

Health care can be a confusing world even when it comes to what type of provider to seek care from. Read more to learn about when to consider seeing a nurse practitioner for your next women's health needs.

Sep 14th, 2020
Breastfeeding and Its Many Benefits

August is National Breastfeeding Month, a time dedicated to advancing the nation’s health by working together to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding for all women.

Aug 14th, 2020
Is Online a Safe Way to Obtain Birth Control?

These days so many services are available online. Everything from groceries and meal prep kits to goat rentals and professional potty trainers, you can pretty much order anything these days without ever having to leave the comforts of your own home.

Jun 25th, 2020
How To Prevent Alzheimer’s: Eat A Mediterranean-Style Diet

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that evolves from mild confusion to personality changes and can ultimately affect the ability to move and communicate. In 2017, about 50 million people worldwide were living with dementia.

Jun 12th, 2020
National Women’s Health Week Was Made For Your Daily Health

Stay active. Eat healthy. And get enough sleep. Most important? Start today! National Women’s Health Week was made to encourage all women to make healthy choices that are right for them — and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the event.

May 7th, 2020
Our New Telemedicine Solution

Enjoy virtual care with North Atlanta Ob/Gyn. In an effort to facilitate a safer environment for our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering telemedicine appointments.

Apr 18th, 2020
Understanding New Advantages From Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has evolved from straight-stick instruments to instruments that can move in all directions with even more precision than the human hand. What’s more, new improvements such as these are simultaneously helping the movement ...

Mar 30th, 2020
Should You Get An IUD?

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are one of the most effective forms of reversible birth control. They can last for several years, are relatively hassle-free once in place, and highly effective.

Feb 18th, 2020
January Is Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. What is the cervix you ask? The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. The cervix is two inches long, and is shaped like a tubular donut.

Jan 21st, 2020
Taking Action On Prematurity Awareness Month

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month — let’s celebrate taking action. We’ve gathered some commonly known ways in which expectant mothers can avoid a premature birth event.

Nov 15th, 2019
Everything You Need To Know About Miscarriage

Miscarriage is when a woman is pregnant and the baby dies within the womb within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is also referred to as early pregnancy loss and it usually happens within the first trimester, usually before the 12th week.

Dec 5th, 2018
Your Gynecologist’s Secrets in Relieving Period Cramps

For some people, cramps are a regular hindrance that bothers them every month. If you are one of these people, you are probably dreading the days your period rolls in. It can reduce you to an agonized mess, curled up on the couch or unable to ...

Dec 4th, 2018
Sports and Women’s Health

If you are a woman and you are contemplating on doing sports, there might be some things that you can’t help but wonder about with regards to your health. For sure, there are so many health benefits that women can enjoy from doing sports ...

Nov 27th, 2018
25 Reasons To Exercise Now

The benefits of moving more during pregnancy begin immediately and last your whole life. Your baby will start reaping the benefits in utero, too. Here’s a laundry list of reasons to start exercising today.

Nov 27th, 2018