25 Reasons To Exercise Now

The benefits of moving more during pregnancy begin immediately and last your whole life. Your baby will start reaping the benefits in utero, too. Here’s a laundry list of reasons to start exercising today.

  1. Builds confidence
  2. Increases energy
  3. Helps control weight
  4. Reduces risk of heart disease
  5. Improves mental health and mood
  6. Strengthens bones and muscles
  7. Reduces risk of some cancers
  8. Leads to better sleep at night
  9. Decreases stress and worry
  10. Helps your body manage and maintain insulin levels
  11. Sharpens thinking, learning, and judgement skills
  12. Improves sexual function
  13. Increases longevity odds
  14. Reduces risk of falls
  15. Teaches you breathing techniques that can be used during labor & birth
  16. Reduce pregnancy discomforts and pains
  17. Speed up post-delivery recovery
  18. May lower odds of requiring a caesarean section delivery
  19. Labor and delivery time may be quicker
  20. Boost the “feel good” chemicals in your body
  21. Improves posture
  22. May prevent gestational diabetes
  23. May lower odds of delivery complications
  24. Lowers blood pressure
  25. Fights fatigue

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