Pregnancy Pulse - All My Bags Are Packed…But Are They Correct?

Hospital Bag

You’re approaching the latter part of your pregnancy and that baby-prepping to-do list is flashing before you. The nursery is coming along, the car seat is installed, and the caretaker for your pet is secured, but what do you pack for your hospital stay? Keep reading to find out exactly what you need for you, for baby, and your partner.

The Essentials

With so many resources available online and through friends, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed with the hospital delivery bag. Do not fret, what you need to bring to help provide the most comfortable hospital stay is rather simple. Let’s start with the bare necessities:

Packing the short list of items above will be just enough to ensure you have what you need for your stay. The hospital will supply you with post-delivery items such as pads, towels, ice packs, perineal wash bottles, and non-slip socks, to name a few.

Beyond the Basics

Now that we have the essentials out of the way, let’s talk about some “nice to haves”. By no means are these items needed, however, they may make your experience at the hospital more comfortable.

Don’t Forget Baby

This may be the first time you are packing for someone other than yourself. Welcome to the new phase of your life: packing for your little one. But you don’t know this baby, what their needs will be, or even how big they will be when they enter this world. Have no fear, the hospital has all of the basics for your newborn as well. From diapers and wipes to pacifiers and formula, the hospital as the essentials. So, what should you bring?

Pack the Partner

Mom is packed, baby is too, now let’s make sure your partner has what they need. After all, you want them to be able to help comfort and support you and having their needs met will help.

Extra, Extra!

You know better than anyone what will help you feel the most comfortable during your hospital stay. If there is something you are certain you cannot live without, then pack it. Keep in mind that many hospitals will not allow you to wear ear buds or headphones, eye masks, or burn candles due to safety concerns. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as you grow closer and closer to baby’s arrival. Don’t let the hospital bag be one of the things that gets the best of you. In most cases, the hospital has exactly what you need to ensure a comfortable and safe delivery and postpartum experience for both you and baby.

Still unsure about what to pack? Your obstetrician can help answer any looming questions you may have. Schedule your next visit by contacting our office today 404.255.0621

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