Pregnancy Pulse – Break A Sweat or Take A Break?


While your body is busy creating a life inside you, it may seem like the perfect time to kick your feet up and forgo your usual exercise routine. However, unless you are experiencing complications, experts around the world agree that in most cases, making daily physical activity a part of your routine is a benefit to both you and your baby.  This month’s Pregnancy Pulse talks all about the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy and how to do it safely for you and your growing baby.

Exercise and Its Endless Benefits

Most people are aware that exercise in general is good for your body, mind, and spirit but the benefits go even further when you are pregnant. Staying active during your pregnancy can:

Where To Start

Now that we know the benefits of daily activity while pregnant, where does one start? The first order of business is to get clearance from your obstetrician to ensure exercise is safe for you and your pregnancy. Some individuals may be advised to refrain from working out if they have conditions such as:

Once you have the green light to pursue an exercise regimen while pregnant, the next step is to determine your fitness level. If you are new to working out or have not worked out in a while, begin with shorter, moderate sessions such as a 10-minute walk. If you were routinely exercising prior to becoming pregnant, you can most likely continue with your same level of intensity, just be sure to listen to your body.

Some excellent forms of movement while pregnant are those that are low-impact and avoid potential trauma to the abdomen. Some examples include:

Is This Safe?

We already discussed who may not be the best candidate for exercise while pregnant, now let’s review some activities that are a good idea to avoid during this time even if you have the OK to work out:

 The most important takeaway is to listen to your body, stop exercising, and contact your physician if you begin to experience:

At the end of the day, the benefits of maintaining daily physical activity for you and your baby are undeniable. If you have additional questions about exercising while pregnant, contact our office today to schedule an appointment to discuss further.

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