Q&A With The NP - Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal bleeding

A visit from Aunt Flo, "on the rag", surfing the Crimson Wave - whatever you may call it, most women would prefer to stick to a predictable, manageable, and shorter period. So what's a girl to do when bleeding happens outside of "the time of the month"? This month we sit down with our board-certified women's health nurse practitioner, Erin Mabile, to discuss a common inconvenience: abnormal bleeding. 

My period is very unpredictable, some months it never comes, and other months it is present for weeks. Is something wrong?

There are a handful of reasons why someone may be experiencing an unpredictable cycle. Some include:

My cycle is very heavy and I have trouble managing my flow, is this normal?

Heavy bleeding requires evaluation. This refers to individuals who frequently bleed through pads or tampons, must wear a tampon and pad together, change a pad or tampon every hour, or pass large blood clots. Uterine fibroids, hormonal dysregulation, clotting disorders, polyps, and uterine cancer are all possible causes of heavy bleeding. 

My period has stopped for the past few months. I am not pregnant or menopausal. Should I be concerned?

As mentioned above, absent menses is a sign of possible hormone dysregulation and should be evaluated. 

Can I still get pregnant if I have irregular periods?

Irregular menses may result in greater difficulty becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy. Individuals with irregular periods who wish to become pregnant should schedule a fertility consult. Those who do not desire pregnancy should not assume they are infertile. Reliable contraception is still strongly recommended.   

What are some conditions that may be causing my abnormal bleeding?

Some conditions are mentioned above, however a more comprehensive list include: 

If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding, don't delay being evalutated by a professional. Contact North Atlanta Ob/Gyn today to schedule your appointment with one of our knowledgeable providers.

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