Understanding Urogynecology

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We are kicking off an original blog series, “Understanding Urogynecology,” where we sit down with our board-certified, fellowship-trained urogynecologist, Dr. Jana Illston, MD, to help us gain better understanding of our pelvic floor health. From prolapse and incontinence, to leakage and painful intercourse, Dr. Illston will provide empowering information to help ensure our pelvic floor health does not interfere with our daily activities.

What is Urogynecology?

Urogynecology is hybrid subspeciality of obstetrics, gynecology, and urology. These highly specialized surgeons help women who are dealing with pelvic floor conditions such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, recurrent urinary tract infections, and other bladder, bowel, and pelvic floor disorders. Prior to its inception, a woman would need to see a handful of different specialists to treat one underlying issue. The fusion of expertise allows the provider to efficiently provide unique, individualized care and treatment.

Who Needs a Urogynecologist?

It is estimated that one-third of women in the United States will experience at least one pelvic floor disorder in their lifetime according to the National Institute of Health. Childbirth, repeated heavy lifting, chronic diseases, and even genetically inherited factors can all weaken the pelvic floor.  Depending on the severity of the individual’s condition, the urogynecologist may recommend physical therapy, medication, medical devices, injectables, or maybe surgery.

What Conditions Does a Urogynecologist Treat?

Who is Our Urogynecologist?

Dr. Jana Illston, MD is North Atlanta Ob/Gyn’s dedicated urogynecologist. She specializes in prolapse, overactive bladder, leakage, vaginal changes due to menopause, painful bladder syndrome, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Dr. Illston attended undergrad at the University of Georgia before attending medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. During her time at MCG, she developed a passion for women’s health through her involvement with the American Medical Women’s Association. Upon completion of medical school, Dr. Illston completed her residency training in obstetrics & gynecology at Greenville Health System in Greenville, South Carolina before going on to complete fellowship training in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery (urogynecology) at University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB). Dr. Illston is passionate about educating women about their pelvic floor health so they can live their most healthy, active life.

Are you curious if a urogynecologist could help you? Contact North Atlanta Ob/Gyn today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jana Illston today, 404.255.0621.

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